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By Cherokee Paul McDonald

Into the Green is Cherokee Paul McDonald's stark and stirring account of his 3 years as an Artillery ahead Observer in Vietnam. Born out of thoughts and feelings, and the burden of sense of right and wrong, it's an eloquent meditation on what it potential to be a soldier.

McDonald tells his tale "in the voice of reminiscence; as a author taking a look back." He desired to seize the immediacy of conflict second by way of moment-the tastes, the textures, the colours, smells, and feelings that experience stayed with him endlessly. In a sequence of interlocking episodes he describes the day-by-day grind of army lifestyles and the phobia and brutality of energetic strive against. He talks in regards to the males who have been his comrades and acquaintances, and nights spent within the impenetrable darkness of steaming jungles underneath a triple cover of eco-friendly within the primary highlands of Vietnam.

An indelible portrait of a soldier and of the actual and emotional destruction that's the legacy of all wars, Into the Green is a haunting chronicle of a spot and a time that would by no means fade from memory.

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They’d stumble back into the perimeter with cotton teeth, bleeding eyes, and aching joints. Some nights brought reality to the nightmares—they came, and those on the other end of the radio would hear the hoarse whispers, the guttural calls for illumination, the far-off hollow booms of claymores ripping loose through the green. Then often, nothing more, nothing . . and in the morning, nothing. So I was the LT, checking the placement of my LP’s. ” “Straight out from here, LT . . ’bout seventy meters maybe.

Nah, LT. It’s kinda hard to explain. He’s a big guy, sunburned alla time, peaceful blue eyes lookin’ off to who the fuck knows where. Sleepy-lookin’, you know? But hard, hard and quiet and . . I’ll tell ya what, LT. Back at base camp— whenever this whore of an outfit ever gets to base camp—back at base camp the fucking blacks leave him all the fuck alone. ” “Okay, Sarge. This guy Beast is mental, tough, and respected. I guess I’m glad he’s with us. ” “Just the Beast, sir. He does LP’s all alone—” “C’mon.

With a booming, crunching, jarring roar, the tree and its surroundings were suddenly enveloped in a greasy black thunderstorm of fire, the ground and air bursts exploding in ragged breathtaking punches, red-orange centers flaming out followed by smoke, dust, mixed debris flying up, out, and away. The booms rolled across us and beyond like a buffeting wave. ” “Fuckin’ A . . ” INTO THE GREEN 51 “Saddle up. ” The two lead squads moved forward quickly but cautiously, and soon we were across the clearing and into the area of the sniper’s tree.

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