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By Rupert Woodfin, Oscar Zarate

Used to be Marx himself a 'Marxist'? used to be his visionary promise of socialism betrayed through Marxist dictatorship? Is Marxism necessarily totalitarian? What did Marx rather say? This booklet offers a basic account of Karl Marx's unique philosophy, its roots in nineteenth century ecu ideology, and his radical monetary and social feedback of capitalism.

summary: used to be Marx himself a 'Marxist'? was once his visionary promise of socialism betrayed through Marxist dictatorship? Is Marxism necessarily totalitarian? What did Marx fairly say? This booklet offers a primary account of Karl Marx's unique philosophy, its roots in nineteenth century eu ideology, and his radical fiscal and social feedback of capitalism

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Goods would be produced which the impoverished proletariat could not afford to buy. More workers would be forced out of work, because their labour was not needed. This would drive wages down further, lessening still the ability of the people to buy the products of capitalism. Enterprises would collapse and be swallowed by larger organizations in the centralization of capital. At other times, shortages of labour would drive wages so high that the basic profitability of enterprises was compromised.

But this was not his most important contribution. Marx might have spent his life in an ivory tower of intellectual speculation. ENGELS BROUGHT ME DOWN TO EARTH. HE KNEW HOW CAPITALISM ACTUALLY WORKED AND THE EFFECTS IT HAD ON WORKING PEOPLE. IN 1845, I PUBLISHED THE CONDITION OF THE WORKING CLASS IN ENGLAND. Engels also alerted Marx to the importance of Great Britain for the development of capitalism. The Exile, Agitator and Writer The Prussian state asked the French authorities to give Marx a hard time.

As revolutionaries, they also saw in the dialectic a requirement to study social phenomena in terms of their context and relationships with each other, to study them in motion and change, and not as static objects. CONTRADICTIONS AND OPPOSITIONS WILL ALWAYS OCCUR IN NATURE, AS WELL AS IN SOCIETY. THESE SHOULD BE SOUGHT OUT, BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ROUTE TO PROGRESS. Marx regarded the rest of Hegel’s work as nonsense. His basic criticism was that Hegel went wrong to say that reality was essentially mental – made up of ideas.

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