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By Darold A. Treffert, Daniel Tammet, Peter Leed, Rosa Martinez, Susan Rancer, Shirlee Monty

Savant syndrome is a unprecedented during which people with developmental problems have a number of components of workmanship, skill, or brilliance - 'islands of genius' - that exist by contrast with their total obstacles. This paradox of genius and drawback in the related individual bargains a distinct window on expertise, intelligence and reminiscence, and increases fascinating questions about the hidden mind capability inside us all. What makes the brain of a savant tick? Does this extraordinary strength exist inside every one people? if this is the case, how can it's tapped? This targeted account of Dr Darold Treffert's 47-year trip into the brain and international of the savant introduces a few really awesome members, and appears on the reasons, manifestations and implications of this remarkable situation. It explores recently-discovered phenomena reminiscent of 'genetic memory', the capability of a few members to 'know' issues they by no means realized, and 'acquired savantism', situations within which a neuro-typical individual suddenly and spectacularly develops savant-like talents following a trauma reminiscent of a head damage or stroke. Explaining that such circumstances element convincingly in the direction of a reservoir of untapped skill - an internal savant capability - in us all, it describes innovations for locating and tapping this dormant capability. specifically, it truly is message is that prodigy and genius may be celebrated and nurtured, and specialists in song, math, and paintings percentage techniques and methods to aid mom and dad, academics and others larger aid those enormously proficient members. This e-book will intrigue someone who has ever puzzled what makes the mind of a savant tick, in addition to clinicians, mom and dad, lecturers, therapists and others who deal with, and approximately, people with savant syndrome.

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However, some of those individuals met the criteria for savant syndrome on the basis of cognitive test scores only which, in my view, is too liberal a definition. The differences in prevalence figures in various studies obviously depend on where one sets the criteria for “savant” abilities. As with hypertension, for example, if you lower the levels of systolic and diastolic blood pressure defined as “hypertension,” more persons will qualify for that diagnosis. The differences in definition of savant syndrome in What We Do Know: A Rare but Remarkable Condition 19 various studies argue for some standardized definition of “savant” abilities.

Perhaps Jung was right. “Collective unconscious” is not an area into which I probably would have trod very far, if at all, were it not for some of the marvelous savants I have met along the way whose spectacular abilities and knowledge, surely because of their severe disabilities and difficulties learning, have to involve what I (and others) prefer to call genetic memory. So many other questions leap up and intrigue me still. How do they do it? What is the difference between prodigy, genius and savant?

I address hyperlexia, and my experience with this differential diagnosis, in more detail on the savant syndrome website. Likewise, with respect to adults, not every absent-minded professor has Asperger syndrome. ” The temptation to label all exceptional talents as autistic disorder or Asperger syndrome, rather than recognizing prodigy, genius or simply precociousness as distinct entities, needs to be resisted lest “diagnostic creep” erroneously blurs the lines between these circumstances and voids all meaningful classification.

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