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By Associate Curator Department of Sculpture Catherine Hess

Italian Ceramics amplifies and updates the sooner quantity together with objects—some of them porcelain and terracotta—acquired throughout the intervening years. between them are a couple of eighteenth-century candlesticks representing mythological scenes and a tabletop with searching scenes and, from the 1790s, the fantastically modeled and painted Saint Joseph with the Christ baby. Italian Ceramics comprises the latest medical, old, and iconographic information regarding the Museum’s holdings. thoroughly revised and improved, this booklet deals a wealth of latest information regarding the Getty Museum’s magnificent assortment, which spans greater than 4 centuries of Italian ceramic art.
(Переработанное и дополненное издание предлагает полную информацию о собрании итальянской керамики Музея Гетти.)

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12. 13. For more information on this decoration, see Conti et al. 1991. So called after the decoration i n the ancient Roman ruins that had been buried and so were called grottoes, grotesque embellishment is charac­ terized by fantastic and highly decorative combinations of animals and humans (for two different approaches to grotesque embellishment on maiolica, see nos. 33 and 35). 14. 15. Cora 1973, 1: io8ff. The Italian word for such a table service as well as for the sideboard on which i t would have been displayed, signified the owner's monetary worth, or "credit," hence credenza.

50 T h e l i o n , also a p o p u l a r T h i s d e s i g n also ap­ pears o n a n i m a l s e m b e l l i s h i n g c o n t e m p o r a r y a n d e a r l i e r h a n d l e , w h i c h m a y serve a p u r e l y o r n a m e n t a l f u n c t i o n , since asterisks w e r e a c o m m o n d e c o r a t i v e m o t i f . 7 7A Detail of maker's mark below handle. 7B 51 Alternate view.

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