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By Walter Amstutz

Virtually 800 mon (emblems or crests) mix average and geometric kinds for awesome results. excellent for layout, jewellery, mosaics, and extra.

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Japanese Emblems and Designs

Nearly 800 mon (emblems or crests) mix typical and geometric varieties for extraordinary results. excellent for layout, jewellery, mosaics, and extra.

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The courtyard, the patio, the centre 1 3 8m open to the sky, appears all over India as part of a domestic culture that is millennia old. But Mehrotra enriches his building by another dimension: the roof terrace becomes a stone plateau garden, and acquires an exposed concrete pavilion for the cooler evening hours. It is only when looking out over the extensive view of the treetops from the terrace that they become aware of their central location, and the plantation becomes part of the house, a green, organic sea of trees, harmonising with the building’s broken autonomy.

This “all of a piece” approach was abandoned as well as the close linkage in terms of proximity. Patel’s buildings are more like an urban complex, some standing close together and some further apart, with city-style squares and a large axis ending in the water tower. The residential units are larger, contain more students, are further apart, certainly for reasons of economy as well. The intimate quality of Kahn’s architecture with its buildings snuggling close together, with shadier courtyards, sudden changes of level and little flights of steps and arcades, are abandoned in favour of a generous spacious quality on the same level.

The central residential area opens up into a courtyard with high walls. This means a great deal of extra living space when the large sliding windows are open, as the division consists entirely of glass. The courtyard is a location for the soul of the house. The area, which is ambivalently placed inside and outside, avoids the stiffness of an unduly rigid cross figure, which would suggest an inappropriate symbolic quality. The centre extends in this simple way, flowing from the roofed, protecting living area into the open outdoor space, and celebrating fundamental elements of our existence: the sphere of the om- nipresent blue sky and a narrow pool running along the entire length, clad in blue material.

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