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16. © Read the result 2 4 \ under DF 3 Put CF 4 under DF 5 DF ( Result of the two divisions) 5 3 Fig. 16. Solving the equation - = - . The equation represents two divisions that should give the same quotient. Notice that if the CF and DF scales are used the numbers appear on the slide rule in the same positions as in the equation. Exercises ^ , x 5 X /, x 5 6 4 3 9 ( a ) - = -6> ( b ) - = - , , x * 1 2 (c)- = - , ,,x 0 · 6 3 1 8 (d)— - - . 17 41 19 χ (c) ^ τ ζ = — , ν 7 186 20 441 Find the height of the flag pole in Fig.

5. The multiplication 2 x 3 = 6. in multiplication, since the distances we add are, in fact, the logarithms of the numbers written on the scale, see Fig. 5. Similarly subtraction of distances gives division. 2 Reading the scales Figure 6 shows the various parts of a slide rule. , on the left. We are at first only concerned with the C and D scales, so for the time being disregard all other scales. The C and D scales operate as just shown in Fig. 5. Find the lines marked 1 , 2 , 3 , . . , 10. Since the numbers come closer and closer as we proceed to the right it is not possible to maintain the same divisions between all numbers 1, 2, 3, etc.

What is his yearly income if he works a 42-hour week? 5 Division A subtraction of corresponding logarithms results in division, see Fig. 15, and compare with Fig. 3b. Note that DF 9 is right above CF 5 so that if we use the CF and DF scales it becomes very easy to remember how to carry out division : just arrange the numbers above each other as they are written, and the quotient appears under C 1 (or C 10). For num­ bers that are not integers first use the cursor-line to locate the numerator on the DF scale.

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