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By Paramhansa Yogananda

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In this robust e-book, Paramahansa Yogananda - well known writer of the religious vintage, Autobiography of a Yogi - presents confident affirmations for reaching good fortune, outlines certain equipment of making lasting happiness, and tells us how you can conquer negativity and inertia through harnessing the dynamic energy of our personal will.

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Living Fearlessly: Bringing Out Your internal Soul energy is a compilation of choices from Paramhansa Yoga-nanda's writings, lectures, and casual talks. those initially seemed in his books, in articles in Self-Realization (the journal he based in 1925), within the 3 anthologies of his gathered talks and essays, and in different Self-Realization Fellowship publications.

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Living Fearlessly that they have to be specially manufactured in the all-accomplishing machine of consciousness according to the specific and extraordinary needs of an individual. So when you are threat- ened by danger or any hurtful experience, do not sit idly* Do something calmly, do some- thing quickly, but do something, mustering power of your will all the and judgment. Will power the steam or motive power that works the is ma- chine of activity. Uproot Fear From Within by Concentration on Courage Fear of failure or sickness is cultivated by turning over such thoughts in the conscious mind scious until they and become rooted subcon- finally in the superconscious.

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