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By Louise Glück

It's the astonishment of Louise Glück's poetry that it resists assortment. With each one successive e-book her force to go away in the back of what got here earlier than has grown extra fierce, the strength of her gaze mounted on what has but to be imagined. She invented a kind to house this want, the book-length series of poems, like a panorama visible from above, a singular with lacunae commencing onto the unspeakable. The reiterated but forever transfigured components during this landscape'Persephone, a copper beech, a parents and sister, a backyard, a husband and son, a horse, a puppy, a box on hearth, a mountain'persistently emerge and reappear with the darkish strength of the inevitable, shot via with the brilliant element of items new-made.' From the outset ('Come the following / Come right here, little one'), Glück's voice has addressed us with misleading simplicity, the poems in strains so transparent we 'do now not see the intervening fathoms.' From in the earth's sour shame, coldness and barrenness my buddy the moon rises: she is gorgeous this night, but if is she now not beautiful?To learn those books jointly is to appreciate the governing paradox of a lifestyles lived within the physique and of the paintings wrested from it, the single fated to die and the opposite to suffer.

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He memorizes his act like a dancer. In time he becomes a master at the semblance Of misinterpretation, mixing the nitwit with the pea tom, Disturbing the boundaries of body and place. He practices Transferring his awareness from behind his face To the pink primrose vase on the etagere. He can't resist Believing in the words of his own fabrications When they are spoken out loud. He becomes more and more proficient. In the midst Of company, he stares out the window at a broad Expanse of snow, contemplating the vacancies of calling Oneself insane.

The essence of alligator will bring forth The murky pool, the persistent odor Of fish bone and water gut. Remember, not only must the roof Of the great ape's domain be structured to withstand The vibrations of his screeching, but the beams Must also be bolstered against the pressure Of the jungle tree which will take root by itself, Spread, push upward to fit exactly The black fingered grip enduring there, The long arms waiting. 56 CoNCEPTS AND THEIR BoDIES (THE BoY IN THE FIELD Alone) Staring at the mud turtle's eye Long enough, he sees concentricity there For the first time, as if it possessed Pupil and iris and oracular lid, As if it grew, forcing its own gene of circularity.

The notion Of the vast will not ignore the arm swinging In motion from the shoulder or the fingers Clasped together in alternation. And when the infant, for the first time, Turns his body over completely, think What an enormous revelation in the brain Must be forced, at that moment, to right itself. 50 THE MAN HIDDEN BEHIND THE DRAPES When I entered the room and turned on the hghts, There were his feet bare beneath the edge Of the drapenes, his tendons flexed, the bony Diamonds of his ankles shadowed If I'd seen His face I might have laughed Remember the naked feet of Chnst seen so often, Washed, kissed, dned m women's hau, Or crossed and bleedmg, pm10ned Like butterfly wmgs 7 When I opened the door, There were his feet below the drapes, as qmet As If they lounged beneath a fme robe Headlights Movmg slowly up the dnve at this pomt Would have fully exposed his nude body m the wmdow, His buttocks tensed, his face turned toward the glare For that moment, then disappeanng agam mto the darkness An artist might have pictured snow on the lawn And a moon and a child lookmg out from the house Across the way, watchmg the figure behmd the glass, The white panes across his back, his hands reachmg For the partmg m the curtams When I entered the room the hght spread fmt In a rectangle straight across the floor to his feet, His toes squeezmg under m a cnppled kmd of gnppmg Someone watchmg from the end of the hall behmd me Would have seen my body framed m the hght of the doorway And beyond me the wall of the drapes Understand the particular axis at which he stood In the visiOn of each different beholder, the multiple Coordmates of hour and posltlon and place comodmg Wtth the gnds of hght and sound and precedmg 51 Interpretations.

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