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В этой книге нет цветных иллюстраций, мало фотографий, но очень подробно описаны приемы захода на цель и бомбометания, в строю и одиночными машинами, тактика действий на разных ТВД и по различным целям (множество схем). В общем, весьма ценный материал для военных историков...

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One was to lay out coloured panels in the front lines, although this was only of use when the lines had been stabilised. The other was for the tanks to carry large white crosses on their backs. These showed up fairly well in most circumstances, and helped to minimise the risk of 'own goals', although inevitably the latter occurred from time to time. The usual close air support load consisted of 50kg fragmentation bombs, which gave maximum effect against troops, soft vehicles and, where the Polish Army was concerned, cavalry.

This included both Germany and Japan. Many of the latter's capital ships, notably a unit of the Kongo class, were actually built in British yards! When Britain and France declared war on Germany shortly after the invasion of Poland, it posed problems for the Third Reich, although these were not at first fully appreciated. France, like Germany, was a land power, and could therefore be theoretically overcome by the same Blitzkrieg tactics as had been used against Poland. The island nation was, however, quite a different matter, separated from mainland Europe by the tricky waters of the English Channel and defended by a powerful navy which not only outnumbered but also outgunned the Kriegsmarine.

It could of course be used for close air 38 BLITZKRIEG support, but this entailed flying at relatively low altitudes where positive identification could be made. As there was little future in swanning about over hostile territory at low altitude, attacks were almost invariably commenced from the German side of the lines in a shallow dive. There were two basic ways of establishing German positions. One was to lay out coloured panels in the front lines, although this was only of use when the lines had been stabilised.

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