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By USMC (Ret.), Colonel Andrew R. Finlayson, U.S. Marine Corps History Division

Whereas so much Marines think about theVietnamese Marine Corps because the fundamental advisory adventure in the course of that clash, Marines served with different courses. this sort of is the topic of this examine: Marine advisors with the Vietnamese Provincial Reconnaissance devices (PRUs). This narrative is a mix of expertise, study, and reflection.While different journalistic or educational bills were released, this can be a narrative of individuals. Many historians contemplate the 2 ideal counterinsurgency firms hired throughout the VietnamWar to were the PRU and USMC mixed motion Platoons (CAP). the writer believes that either one of those courses have applicability in any counterinsurgency the place U.S. forces are known as upon to help a number govt. (Originally released by way of the historical past department, USMC)

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We went anyway, and in less than three hours, we found an occupied cave. The two occupants of the cave were killed in a short firefight, but the body count was not important. Inside the cave, we found records for the Nha Trang City Party Committee. side of the PRU Program during its most effective years from 1968 until 1970. organizational chart for the party, 110 names of party members (AKA’s to be sure), and other valuable documents. After Tet, which was only a few weeks after the operation, we captured enough prisoners so the Vietnamese could begin to put real names against the AKA’s on the captured muster rolls.

It was like the gangster movies of the 1930s. Chips of wood were flying off the door around Hubbard, but Hubbard’s bullets found their mark, and the VC wheeled, staggered a couple feet, and collapsed at our front door entrance. Somehow during this violent exchange, one of the French doors to 32 windows of the left side bedroom, which had been blown open by the explosion. I assessed my position as being too untenable, so I scurried across the living room to join the others. Bob Hubbard was crouched near the window opening out to the street.

Jim Harris was just inside the doorway I had just come through. Howard Vaughn was lying in the center of the room, fading in and out of consciousness. It looked very serious. I took up a position at the doorway, on the opposite side from Jim Harris. I looked into the living room at the three bodies of the VC. I could see that a piece of the wall above where the RPG rocket had hit had come down and crashed on top of one of the bodies. If the fellow was not dead before, the piece of the wall surely finished him.

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