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By Fuyumi Soryo

A nasty boy can swap an outstanding woman endlessly. Rei is the college antisocial. Kira is shy and studious. What they see in one another is a secret to their acquaintances. What they locate in one another is a miracle to themselves. With a mode that's inventive and stylish, this story of stressed and stressed highschool love will attract younger women far and wide.

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However, even with the furigana, the kanji leap out from the page too as ‘Nihonkoku’ and ‘Dai-Nihon Teikoku’, recalling imperial discourse of the twentieth century. ’64 In this sequence, the symbols of national discourse are seen as the tools of a power-mad emperor, leading to yet another reign of persecution and oppression. This narrative context is mirrored in the Hikari-versus-Shadow war in the future – the Shadows win, but set up their own new religion of ‘eternalism’, banishing all non-believers to prison or exile.

Tezuka thus uses panel format and text placement in various ways for omniscient explanatory narrative, with historical explanations not confined to one method or another. This fluid movement of the textual narrative in and out of panels gives Tezuka’s voice an omnipresent quality, freely slipping in and out of the diegetic space. 4). This is the last time that textual narration is used in the book, providing the ‘last word’ from the omniscient narrative voice. In this powerful double-page spread we clearly see the symbols of the new Japanese nation: Jimmu stands proudly on a battlefield strewn with bodies and escaping soldiers.

The eclipse scene thus establishes the importance of the sun for the Kumaso tribe, and reconnects the idea of ‘hi no kami’ with blessing and protection. Despite Nagi’s good fortune, however, Tezuka’s focus on human ambition soon resurfaces in Nagi’s obsession with finding the phoenix. Learning that his sister Hinaku is still alive, Nagi swears to bring her the immortal blood of the phoenix so she can bear thousands of children to resurrect the village and the Kumaso tribe. Failing in his attempt, Nagi suffers the psychological cost of war, becoming twisted and cruel.

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