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By Yoshihiro Shibata, Yukihito Suzuki

This quantity provides unique papers starting from an experimental learn on cavitation jets to an updated mathematical research of the Navier-Stokes equations at no cost boundary difficulties, reflecting themes featured on the foreign convention on Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, current and destiny, held 11–14 November 2014 at Waseda college in Tokyo. The contributions tackle matters in a single- and two-phase fluid flows, together with cavitation, liquid crystal flows, plasma flows, and blood flows. Written via across the world revered specialists, those papers spotlight the connections among mathematical, experimental, and computational fluid dynamics. The booklet is geared toward a large readership in arithmetic and engineering, together with researchers and graduate scholars drawn to mathematical fluid dynamics.

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Prüss divergence theorem for partial integration in the form v · divS dx = ∂G G v · Sn do − S : ∇v dx − G Σ [[v · SnΣ ]] do yields d dt ρ( G v2 + ψ) dx = − 2 ∂G ρ( v2 + ψ)v · n do + 2 S irr : ∇v dx − − Σ G ∂G v · Sn do [[v · SnΣ ]] do + Σ [[m(ψ ˙ + v2 )]] do. 21), to eliminate ρ Σ D Dtv . 41)2 to obtain d dt − Σ Σ ρΣ ( (vΣ )2 + ψ Σ ) do = 2 S Σ,irr : DΣ do + Σ ∂Σ ρΣ ( (vΣ )2 + ψ Σ )(V∂Σ − vΣ · N) dl + 2 vΣ · [[SnΣ ]] do + Σ [[( ∂Σ vΣ S Σ · N dl (vΣ )2 ˙ do. 11). For constant γ C , this yields d dt C γ C dl = C γ C div C vC dl = C γ C IC : ∇C vC dl = −γ C C vC · div C IC dl.

50) + [[[ Σ − C ρ Σ (eΣ + Σ )(vΣ − vC ) + qΣ · N]]] T T ρ S Σ,irr μΣ μC 1 (vΣ − vC )2 −N · Σ ·N m − [[[ Σ − C + C ˙ Σ ]]]. T T T 2 ρ ζ C = qC · ∇C Above, the notation (·)||| denotes the component tangential to the triple line and S Σ,irr := −π Σ IΣ + S Σ,◦ . In analogy to the interface we obtain the following closure relations for the dissipative processes on the triple line. 54) aC ln S Σ,irr m ˙ Σ,ad μΣ μC 1 (vΣ − vC )2 −N · ·N = Σ − C + C Σ,de m ˙ T T T 2 ρ with aC ≥ 0. 55) the decomposition of m ˙ Σ = ρ Σ (vΣ − vC ) · N as Σ Σ,ad Σ,de ˙ −m ˙ is employed.

Volume Transport. In the general setting described above, let V ⊂ R3 be a fixed control volume in G, let Σ be short for 3k=1 Σ k with the time-dependent interfaces Σ k (t) and nΣ = nΣ k the unit normal field on Σ k (t) with an arbitrary fixed orientation. Let VΣ denote the speed of normal displacement of Σ k (·). The latter is a purely kinematic quantity, but it is related to the barycentric velocity of the interfacial mass via VΣ = vΣ · nΣ . Moreover, given any bulk field φ, the jump of φ at Σ is defined by the jump bracket [[·]] according to [[φ]](t, x) := lim φ(t, x + hnΣ ) − φ(t, x − hnΣ ) .

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