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By Spellman, Frank R.

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41 Problem: A new industry wishes to connect to the city’s collection system. The industrial discharge will contain an average BOD concentration of 389 mg/L, and the average daily flow will be 72,000 gpd. What is the population equivalent of the industrial discharge? 42 Problem: An industry proposes to discharge 3455 lb of BOD to the town sewer system. What is the population equivalent of the proposed discharge? 5-MGD wastewater flow has a BOD concentration of 1600 mg/L BOD. 17 lb/day BOD per person, what is the population equivalent of this wastewater flow?

Solution: 12 in. 89 Problem: Geologic studies show that water in an aquifer moves 22 ft in 55 days. What is the average velocity of the water in feet per day? 5 ft/day, how far will the water travel in 17 days? 5 ft/day, how long will it take the water to move 61 ft? 8 fps. The pipe is a 24-in. main. Assuming that the pipe flows 20 hr/day and that the month in question contains 30 days, what is the total flow for the pipe in million gallons for that one month? Solution: 24 in. 05 MG Detention Time Detention time is the length of time in minutes or hours that 1 gallon of water is retained in a vessel or basin, or the period from the time the water enters a settling basin until it flows out the other end.

How many kilowatts of energy does it consume per day? 746 kW/hp × 12 hr/day = 537 kWh/day Given the cost per kilowatt-hour, the operator (or anyone else) can calculate the cost of power for any given period of operation. 107 Problem: A 60-hp motor requires 458 kWh/day. The pump is in operation every day. 0328/kWh. What is the yearly electrical cost for this pump? 18 Power Factor Power factor is important because customers whose loads have low power factor require greater generation capacity than what is actually metered.

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