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By Ron Aharoni

What does arithmetic need to do with poetry? possible, not anything. arithmetic bargains with abstractions whereas poetry with feelings. And but, the 2 percentage anything crucial: good looks. “Euclid on my own has seemed on good looks bare,” says the identify of a poem by means of Edna St. Vincent Millay.

“Mathematics, Poetry and wonder” attempts to unravel the key of the similarity among the 2 domain names. It attempts to provide an explanation for how a mathematical argument and a poem can flow us within the related means. Mathematical and poetic innovations are in comparison, with the purpose of revealing how they evoke an analogous feel of beauty.

The reader may well locate that, as Bertrand Russell stated, “Mathematics, rightly seen, possesses not just fact, yet ideally suited good looks — a attractiveness carry and austere, like that of sculpture … sublimely natural, and in a position to a stern perfection reminiscent of simply the best paintings can show.”

Readership: these attracted to arithmetic, these attracted to poetry, and most of the people.

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The concept of “saving energy” is too general to predict the behavior of human beings. As a result, Physiology for Psychologists was shelved around the year 1895, but echoes of it would reverberate throughout Freud’s writings. The idea of saving energy was expressed most clearly in a book he 29 30 Mathematics, Poetry and Beauty wrote in 1905 on humor, Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious. The book’s thesis was that the pleasure we derive from a joke results from saving the energy of repression.

But legend has it that Hippasus, a sect member who revealed the secret to the world, was put to death for doing so. This is almost certainly apocryphal. Hippassus drowned, and his death might very well have been an accident. But the sect accredited it to punishment by the gods. Why √ 2 is Not a Rational Number √ m Actually, why isn’t 2 a rational number? Why can’t it be expressed √ as n for m some whole numbers m and n? To see this, assume that n = 2. We shall show that this assumption leads to a contradiction.

Why can’t it be expressed √ as n for m some whole numbers m and n? To see this, assume that n = 2. We shall show that this assumption leads to a contradiction. First, we can assume that m n is a reduced fraction, namely the numerator and the denominator are not divisible by the same number, greater than 1. If not, we√just reduce it, namely√divide by the common divisor. By the definition of 2, the fact 2 2 2 means that m that m n = n2 = 2. If we multiply both sides by n , we get: (∗ ) 2n2 = m2 Now, we will divide our discussion into two cases: in one case, m is an odd number, and in the other case, it is even.

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