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Transcend Excel(r) with Access's extra robust research capabilitiesGet greater visibility into your info with customized viewsScale up your facts pool with no limitationMaster the 4 basics of information analysisDiscover shortcuts with the invaluable enter masks WizardIntegrate your facts with the net and firm info sourcesAvoid the typical pitfalls of information crunchingHarness VBA to enhance info analysisLeverage details from the sphere with real-world scenariosCompanion internet siteSee examples from this ebook firsthand, in our significant other site at the location additionally comprises templates and instruments to get you begun.

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Simply right-click the query results cell or column and the same options that appeared for tables will also appear. Figure 1-21 The Criteria section is where you will type in the value for which you want to filter the data. qxp 12/1/05 7:46 PM Page 31 Access Basics Figure 1-22 The results of the query will be all records that match the criteria. Querying multiple tables This section explores how you can perform a query on multiple tables. Remember that you split the data into separate tables. You used Relationships to define the logical relationships between the data.

Qxp 6 12/1/05 7:46 PM Page 6 Chapter 1 Figure 1-3 Opening the table in Design view allows you to add field names or change existing ones. Exploring data types The field’s data type ensures that only a certain type of data is allowed in the field. If a data type is tagged as a number, Access will not allow any text to be entered into that field. By setting the data type of each column, you go a long way toward ensuring the integrity and consistency of the data. The concept of the data type is crucial to not only understanding Access, but also to unlocking the power of the programming language behind Access, VBA.

To call this wizard, place your cursor inside the field for which you need an input mask. ). Click the newly visible button to activate the Input Mask Wizard. The wizard provides the most common examples of Input Masks and even allows you to test their behavior. Figure 1-7 shows the Input Mask Wizard. Figure 1-7 The Input Mask Wizard enables you to specify the structure of data being entered into a field. Input Mask The Input Mask property can be useful in data entry situations. Whereas Format controls how data is displayed, Input Mask controls how data is entered into a particular field.

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