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THE CHAPTER OF LUQMAN M uhammad continued to preach—he had no choice with Gabriel continually prodding him with God’s own Voice. But as the years passed, few listened to him except for the fun of hooting him down. He became one of the curiosities of Mecca. Visitors to the holy city were curious about him and would have been glad to hear him speak, but not wishing to draw the ridicule of the Quraysh, they had to content themselves with edging closer to the faithful while they prayed in their mysterious and spectacular manner at the Kaaba.

If you want honor, we’ll make you a chief. Indeed, we’ll crown you king like the king of Byzantium if you like. “And if this ghost who comes and mumbles in your ear can’t be gotten rid of in any other way, we’ll call an exorcist. ” Muhammad heard this silently. ” For a long time afterward he held his listener transfixed as he recited how God, in His love for the Arabs, had decided to reveal to them their own Book as a guidance and a healing for their sin-beset souls, and how he, Muhammad, a plain man, as insignificant as any Arab born, had been chosen to bring them the truth of things, from beginning to end, in God’s own words.

He did not see why the very word of God should not be proclaimed aloud. His comrades among the faithful tried to dissuade him, fearing for his safety since he had no clan protection, but Abdullah was bent on becoming famous in history. He went to the sanctuary and raised his voice above the crowd, the first man in Islam apart from the Prophet to recite the 43 Betty Kelen—Muhammad [e-reads] holy book in public, and he chose a passage wherein God celebrates, as He loved to do, the glory of His creation.

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