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Late in November he warned both Mussolini and Paolo Cortese, the official in the Foreign Ministry responsible for Croat affairs, of its 'extremely dangerous repercussions'. It would cause a storm of indignation in the League of Nations and it would lose Italy support in the Balkans. 20 Aloisi was correct in thinking that Yugoslavia was not diplomatically isolated. Czechoslovakia and Romania, her allies in the Little Entente, and France were already alarmed. On 28 October 1932 the FrancoYugoslav Treaty of 1927 was renewed.

If Croatia were granted autonomy within Yugoslavia, the Serbs, thwarted in the north, would turn south and try to strengthen their position in the Balkans by attracting the Bulgars -with whom they had more in common through language and religion than with the Croats-into a Slav confederation. ' Besides, the Italians traditionally feared the Croats more than any of the other Slav peoples, and Italian territorial claims on the northern coast of Dalmatia could only be at the expense of the Croats.

Its principal port and capital, Mogadishu, lay 1600 miles beyond Massawa. Owing to the shallow waters, cargoes from ocean-going ships had to be unloaded and carried by tenders to the mainland. The only line of communications from Mogadishu was a railway 68 miles long to Villabruzzi, a small town, seldom marked on maps, situated on the 30 MUSSOLINI AS EMPIRE-BUILDER Shebeli river- Kismayu, which Italy had aquired from Britain inJune 1925, offered better natural facilities as a port, but the Italians failed to make the fullest use of it by building a pier, evidently because of the cost.

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