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By Amílcar Antonio Barreto

This ebook contends that there's a basic good judgment underlying the participation of non-elites within the nationalist company. on the way to comprehend this good judgment we needs to solid apart the normal myopia ingrained in most logical selection research.

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Elite motivations in a nationalist project are rather clear. 144 If the incentives for elite participation are unambiguous, the impetus behind the involvement of nonelites is uncertain. 145 Large-scale movements, on the other hand, simply do not have the resources to directly compensate all participants for their individual contribution. Neither do they have the resources to hire enough monitors to scrutinize all community members in order to assess who should be rewarded for their cooperation, or sanctioned for their treachery, and to what degree.

Not only can we compare these particular preferences over Rationality’s Janus-like Nature 35 time, but we can also assess the relative value of different financial outcomes once we factor in the probability of materialization. Imagine, for instance, that someone had $100 to invest. To simplify this example, this investor was limited to two choices. This budding venture capitalist could deposit the $100 in a simple savings account. Alternatively, this novice entrepreneur could purchase one hundred dollars worth of lottery tickets.

His Principles of Morals and Legislation acknowledged that some people thirst for material possessions. Yet a single-mined focus on tangible goods is incomplete. He noted that some people pursue something different. 22 The joys and sorrows of the first three sources must be experienced within one’s natural life. 23 Physical and political sources of pain and pleasure could be described in tangible terms. On the positive side, they could motivate individuals to pursue food, consumer goods, luxury items, public office, or other material wants.

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