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The “New World” logo could be coloured in with a single colour or coloured in using more than one colour. • The switches at the bottom of the cooker could be coloured in with the same colour as the surround or coloured in with a different colour from the surround. Analysing the way colour had been used was an entirely objective process (running through the exercise twice helped guarantee accuracy); and after a couple of hours, some unexpected differences emerged. The girls, for example, were much more likely to use separate colours for the knobs, the handle and the surround of the oven door with the chances of the results occurring by chance being no more than 10%.

The first of these was with a London design consultancy where I was able to talk to two designers. ” A trend seemed to be emerging which provided the impetus to forty interviews in total. A particularly memorable one was with a lecturer in Product Design at a university not far from London. She was a jeweller herself who had gravitated to the visual arts after discovering that she was dyslexic, and she spoke with animation about a project for pre-degree students to construct a hat from natural objects: “The boys’ hats were all highly constructed, all made with twigs and therefore more angular than those of the girls.

A word of caution. The evidence for the new science of perception is presented over two parts with the scientific evidence concentrated in chapters two to four, and an exploration of anecdote and implications for marketing, architecture, fine art, gardens and relationships in chapters 5 to 10 of the second part of the book. Without giving too much away, you will find that the book reveals: • The hunter/gatherer visual divide between men and women • How the world looks through a hunter’s eyes • How the world looks through a gatherer’s eyes • How to hit a man’s visual G-spot • Why men and women may disagree about visual matters I do hope that you enjoy the journey as these new waters come into view.

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