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Kerewin’s growing love for Joe is blighted by her discovery that he brutally beats Simon, and she decides tragically to intervene. When she gives Joe permission to beat Simon, and he beats the child nearly to death, he is imprisoned and Simon institutionalized. Kerewin, afflicted by stomach cancer, withdraws to a distant place to die; she is cured by the miraculous intervention of a supernatural figure. Joe, released from prison, is cured of his violence and guilt by the discovery of a sacred place, the landing-site of one of the original Great Canoes.

Simon is beaten so badly, he loses his ability to hear. Simon’s whole world thus grows silent. Meanwhile, Joe ends up taking care of an old Maori mystic’s isolated land claim, living by himself at the edge of the sea, the only guardian of an ancient and sacred Maori secret. Kerewin also retreats from the world. She isolates herself in order to go into herself and find the source of her ailment and dissolve it. These characters find a way to heal themselves through the silence. They enter it as deeply as they can and emerge into new lives.

It is as if they have returned to the fetal stage, where they rebuild themselves and finally are reborn. This silence has been a potion for them, a potentially poisonous one, but they choose to use it to purge themselves of their impurities and resurface with new determination. V o l u m e 2 4 B o n e P e o p l e Silence can draw an audience in, as Hulme must realize. She does not offer many answers to the questions that her story poses. Readers are strung along the path of this story as they try to find the answers and finally realize that they must interpret the story’s silences for themselves.

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