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By Maria Von Finckenstein

In 1970 a small workforce of younger Inuit ladies in Pangnirtung on Baffin Island started to inform a narrative - a narrative approximately their previous, their tradition, their lives - a narrative instructed via woven photos. the 1st e-book devoted to the artwork type of tapestry weaving, Nuvisavik indicates how weaving turned a bridge among nomadic camp existence and existence in an everlasting payment. The tapestries, meticulously woven via girls knowledgeable through their moms as seamstresses, painting photos wistfully remembered by means of elders in the neighborhood and captured by means of neighborhood artists. either the drawings and the tapestries express the satisfaction of the Inuit of their tradition. The tapestries are offered opposed to a wealthy cultural and old context. of the essays within the publication are in response to interviews with elders and mirror the vibrant heritage of the Cumberland Sound, the place sustained touch among Inuit and americans and Scots started as early because the mid-nineteenth century. The cultural content material of the tapestries is mentioned by way of participants of the Inuit group, interpreting differently enigmatic and confusing photographs. a superb mixture of artwork historical past and cultural background, Nuvisavik will entertain the student and artwork collector in addition to readers with a distinct curiosity within the background of the Canadian North. individuals comprise July Papatsie, a well-established artist from Pangnirtung who brings his own heritage and data of his tradition to his writing; Deborah Hickman, a tapestry weaver herself, who used to be normal supervisor and creative consultant to the Pangnirtung Tapestry Studio from 1980 to 1983; Cathleen Knotsch, a researcher who focuses on matters referring to the Canadian jap Arctic; and Maria von Finckenstein.

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There was a period, while I was working, during which people started to die from coughing and catching colds, which began happening in the summertime. Nobody [in Pangnirtung] knew, until this man came back on his way out to a camp, who had this disease, having caught it through a cold and eventually died. And after that, many people died, and that is when I really worked hard for the doctor, so that I was losing sleep, which was during the fall. And because the tides determined how early or late we could leave, and because I had to feed all the sick patients, I had to work very hard.

36 By the end of September 1936, "the native population, with the exception of the four employed families, had all deserted Pangnirtung ... "37 With the permission of the local RCMP officer, Dr Orford did postmortems and was surprised to find: " 'In every case there was a latent tuberculosis present which must have been sparked into life by the new infection. 'But what beats me,' he went on, 'is the advanced stage the disease had attained before it suspended itself. '"38 Etuangat, who worked for the doctor, remembers the time well: The [practice of] autopsy had really started when I was working during the time when people began to die.

For example, Qikiqtat might be spelled Qikituq, Qiqirten, or Kekerten. The author's spelling has been retained in this essay. 22 JULY PAPATSIE Literal meanings of other camp names in the Cumberland Sound Anaqtuajun small one, releasing its dropping (referring to lots of fish rushing all at once downriver to spend the summer in the sea) Anarnittun smells of droppings Aulattivik place of movement Esuitok clear water Iqalugayutt many little fish Kangirtuqjuaq long fjord Qamaqaluit beautiful small qamaqs Supivisuqtuq river that rushes lots of melting snow and water onto the ice in the spring Ujagasujulik has a big rock Ujuktu (Urjuktuut) plenty of bearded seals Names for animals, meat, and animal skins in Inuktitut Arctic fox tegirganiaq Arctic hare okalik Arctic wolf amagrok baby seal natiaq caribou tuttu caribou meat Tuttuminiq duck eggs Manit mitikmut Fur of the Arctic fox mikuq lemming Avinga polar bear nanuuq ptarmigan eggs aqigiq ringed seal natiq seal meat natiminiq sealskin boot kamik skin of the ringed seal qisik Views of the Past CATHLEEN KNOTSCH There exists a vast quantity of recollections of and about the people of South Baffin Island.

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