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By Benjamin Landry

Are we by myself? if this is the case, Particle and Wave insists that we want now not be lonely. the following the periodic desk of elements—a process commonplace to many people from highschool chemistry—unfolds in a sequence of unforeseen meanings with connotations public, own, and existential. in keeping with a common sense that considers the atomic image an improvised phoneme, Particle and Wave is keenly attuned to the traits of voice and anxious with how those improvisations fall at the listening ear. From the latest housing bust, to the creative visions of Christo and Jeanne Claude, to the labors of the Curies, to Pliny the Younger’s account of the eruption of Vesuvius, tradition and global histories are recontextualized during the lens of non-public event. Muscular, designated, structurally diverse, and imagistic, those poems interact in lyricism but face up to mere confession. In doing so that they undertaking the self as a composite, talking in various registers, from the nursery rhyme songster, to the ascetic devotee, to the unapologetic sensualist. They welcome all comers and elbow the bounded actual global to make approach for a dynamic, new subjectivity.

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