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By Joan Cocks

From Kosovo to Québec, eire to East Timor, nationalism has been a recurrent subject of severe debate. it's been condemned as a resource of hatred and warfare, but embraced for exciting group feeling and collective freedom. Joan Cocks explores the facility, chance, and attract of nationalism by means of studying its position within the considered 8 politically engaged intellectuals of the 19th and 20th centuries: the antagonist of capital, Karl Marx; the critics of imperialism Rosa Luxemburg, Hannah Arendt, and Frantz Fanon; the liberal pluralist Isaiah Berlin; the neonationalist Tom Nairn, and the post-colonial writers, V. S. Naipaul and Edward stated. Cocks not just sheds new gentle at the complexities of nationalism but in addition finds the tensions that experience encouraged and bothered intellectuals who've sought to steer lives among indifferent feedback and political passion.

In energetic, conversational prose, Cocks assesses their remedy of questions reminiscent of the mythology of nationwide identification, the fitting to nationwide self-determination, and the morality of nationalist violence. whereas eventually serious of nationalism, she engages sympathetically despite its defenders. through illuminating the hyperlinks that special minds have drawn among suggestion and motion on nationalism in politics, this stimulating paintings presents a wealthy origin from which we ourselves may imagine or act extra correctly while confronting a phenomenon that, in primary and difficult methods, has formed our world.

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