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Permaculture delves deeper into the idea that of "consciously designed agricultural systems." writer, invoice Mollison, describes new ways and ideas that experience developed worldwide. ways that vegetation can adjust weather and lots of sorts of toxins are mentioned. hugely effective, low-energy platforms, are made transparent, during this attention-grabbing booklet that provides a few concrete options for saving mom Earth.

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The three main approaches to minimal soil loss in agriculture are: l growing forests and shrubberies to protect the soil; l using ploughs that do not turn the soil; and 0 encouraging life forms, especially worms, to aerate compacted soils. All of these processes have the same result-soil aeration and safe nutrient addition. In order, they are termed re-afforestation, soil conditioning, and mulching or composting. The first two deal with large areas, the last with small areas. Forestry and soil conditioning produce their own mulch, while mulch can be applied to small gardens.

A landscapewith complex edge is interesting and beautiful; it can be consideredthe basis of the art of landscapedesign. (Permuculture One’, p. 29). 24 Similar lists can be made for plant-animal, and plant-inorganic element relationships. g. grafting) are functions used by dedicated gardeners. Other\ (nutrient provision) may be the very stuff of permanent agriculture and regional \ut‘t‘icicncy. Lawrence Hill’s painful warning on the possible dangers of eating comfrey (NW Ecologisr, 1979) stresses the other uses of such a plant, as a handy liquid or trenched manure, or in medicine.

12. My friend Neil Douglas, who gardens like an earth spirit on the shale hillside of summerdroughted Victorian foothills, raises his vines such as pumpkin and beans and places his trees to cast shade on, rather than to compete with, the myriad plant species which riot in his gsrden. The illustrations in A Book ofb’,-trthly Delights (Abbie Heathcote, Compendium, 1978) show clearly how the garden is structured-ecologically rather than anarchistically, but with an order that is evolved more than impressed.

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