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By Christopher Falzon

Philosophy is going to the Movies is a brand new type of advent to philosophy that uses video clips together with The Matrix, Antz, Total Recall and Cinema Paradiso, to discover philosophical ideas.
Topics coated include:
*the conception of knowledge
*the self and private identification
*moral philosophy
*social and political philosophy
*philosophy of technology and technology
*critical considering.
Ideal for the newbie, this ebook publications the coed via philosophy utilizing full of life and illuminating cinematic examples. it is going to additionally attract a person drawn to the philosophical dimensions of cinema.

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In part they were reacting against Descartes’ rationalism, but they were also seeking to formulate a conception of how we acquire knowledge that was more in keeping with the new natural sciences. The modern natural sciences emerged during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, with figures like Francis Bacon, Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton in the forefront. What characterized the new natural-scientific approach, according to its advocates, was a reliance on empirical methods, on observation and experiment as the proper avenue for the acquisition of knowledge.

For Plato in contrast, it is ordinary experience as a whole that is illusory. In order to escape from illusion and to comprehend reality, we have to escape entirely from the realm of ordinary experience. Now, Plato’s account does not only have to do with knowledge, but also with a certain kind of liberation bound up with knowledge. Ignorance for Plato is not bliss, but rather a form of enslavement. We are prisoners insofar as we are prevented from grasping the true order of things by the limits of everyday experience, the limits of our commonsense understanding of the world.

This is the same kind of updating of the evil demon argument that we find in the brain in the vat scenario. Indeed, as in that scenario, most of humanity in the film is in reality floating in tanks, hooked up with electrodes through which they are fed their simulated reality. The Matrix is particularly interesting because it also incorporates some of the other themes we have been discussing. There are multiple references to the issue of dreams, and the possibility that we might be dreaming without knowing it, which Descartes raised in his dream argument.

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