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In the fifty years since he first appeared on the New York art scene, Andy Warhol has become synonymous with Pop Art and with the wry definition of fame as something that never lasts more than fifteen minutes. But Warhol spent his career working so prodigiously as to assure long lasting renown. In the printmaking field alone, his output was prolific, and his appropriation of silkscreen as a fine art medium forever altered the way prints look.

Andy Warhol Prints: A Catalogue Raisonné 1962-1987 traces Warhol's complete graphic oeuvre from the first unique works on paper in 1962 through his final published portfolio in 1987. More than 1,100 works are illustrated, and complete documentation is provided for each. Among these are 650 unique edition prints, trial proof edition prints, and unpublished prints that Warhol created for personal projects and on commission, all works that were not included in the earlier editions of this catalogue.

The illustrations and technical data are complemented by two essays that explore Warhol's graphic production from different perspectives. "More than any other artist of his generation," writes Donna De Salvo, "Andy Warhol understood how the reproduced image had come to reflect and shape contemporary life.... Coca-Cola bottles, race riots in Birmingham, Alabama, and the empty desolation of the death chamber (electric chair] are like a catalogue of contemporary hieroglyphs scattered across the American landscape"

De Salvo presents an overview of Warhol's printmaking activities, tracing and analyzing the "subtle variations and permutations that Warhol was able to achieve through his expanded notion of the printing process.... With nearly scientific fervor, he dissected the very mechanics of image production and, through this unexpected commonplace vehicle, discovered a way to be original."

Arthur C. Danto's essay places Warhol's work within the context of its time. "Warhol had the tremendous gift of understanding which were the defining myths of a generation.... [His] political gift was his ability to make objective as art the defining images of the American consciousness-the images that expressed our desires, our fears, and what we ... trusted and mistrusted."

Article taken from Feldman Schellmann "Andy Warhol Prints" Catalogue Raisonné 1962-1987. Buy the book HERE. Free shipping.

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